A.C.T Work Readiness Programme

Programme: Work Readiness Training

Accredited/Non-accredited: Non-accredited

Location: Gauteng

Issue: In today's economy where the South African unemployment rate is quite high, many people are actively involved in job hunting activities.  However, it can become very demotivating if you apply for plenty of jobs and go for plenty of interviews but you remain unsuccessful.  Based on our experience of CVs we have received that were not up to standard, and the quality of interviews conducted, we realised that there are certain elements that individuals lacked when embarking on a job search and going through the recruitment process.  Many people did not know how to put together a good CV or how to conduct themselves in an interview.  Some even applied for positions they were not qualified for, with the hope that they might get one foot through the door.

Solution: In the spirit of giving back to the community and helping individuals increasing their chance of getting a job, we joined forces with our local church and offered free training to church members and others in the community.  We created the A.C.T (Action Creates Traction) programme to teach individuals the following:

  • Importance of acting and not waiting for opportunities to come to you
  • Know Yourself
  • Understand the Job Advert
  • Create a CV
  • Prepare for the Interview
  • Participating in the Interview
  • Social Media and Self Marketing

Many of the programme attendees came back to us saying that they were very grateful for the programme as there were so many things they never realised they were doing wrong.

By continuing with this initiative on a regular basis, we hope to help more people become more "work ready" and put out better quality CVs as well as making more informed decisions when embarking on a job search.  They will also be able to navigate better through the interview process, thereby increasing their chances of becoming successful.

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