Venture Capital Training

Programme: Venture Capital Training

Accredited/Non-accredited: Non-accredited

Location: Gauteng

Issue: The request for this programme came about as one part of the client's core business involves the provision of funding to various businesses.  However, not all role players (department heads and portfolio managers) had the knowledge and tools required to make informed decisions from a venture capital investment point of view.

Solution: We were tasked with developing the training material and succeeded to do so by bringing in venture capital experts from the education and business sectors.  Our facilitator who delivered the programme also has a venture capital background, to ensure that the correct subject matter expert was being used to deliver a course of top quality to learners.  Training took place at the client site and the programme covered a broad spectrum of topics including due diligence tools, deal selection, exit strategies, opportunity valuation, the investor approach and much more.  The client was very happy with the content and overall delivery of the programme.

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