This is a 4 day accredited skills programme.

Training either takes place at the client site, or at the venue for our public programmes in Jet Park, Boskburg (Gauteng).

Course Description

Number of credits: 22

Duration: 4 Days

Unit Standards:

  • 119666 (Determine financial requirements of a new venture)
  • 119669 (Match new venture opportunity to market needs)
  • 119670 (Produce a business plan for a new venture)

This course will equip the learner with the necessary skills to understand and document the various elements of a business plan. Individuals will also learn how to evaluate the market before embarking on a new venture opportunity.

The programme content is set around the following outcomes:

  • Determining the financial and cash flow requirements of a new venture
  • Determining income and expenditure of a new venture
  • Implementing pricing and costing principles
  • Identifying resources to obtain start-up capital
  • Identifying and describing what marketing is in relation to new venture opportunities
  • Conducting market research
  • Identifying market segments in relation to own venture opportunity
  • Incorporating market research into a marketing plan
  • Exploring the product/service life cycle
  • Identifying and demonstrating an understanding of the elements of a business plan
  • Compiling an organisation structure for one’s own business to determine how a business plan can best be integrated
  • Identifying resources and information required to complete own business plan
  • Compiling a business plan