This is a 1 day accredited skills programme.

Training either takes place at the client site, or at the venue for our public programmes in Jet Park, Boskburg (Gauteng).

Course Description

Number of credits: 6

Duration: 1 Day

Unit Standards: 119635 (Engage in a range of speaking/signing and listening interactions for a variety of purposes)

Learners who complete this course will be able to interact orally with others in various contexts and situations for a variety of purposes. Learners will be able to communicate reasonably confidently through developing an understanding of how listening and speaking strategies and skills can improve understanding, between individuals and in groups.

The programme content is set around the following outcomes:

  • Use speaking and listening strategies
  • Identify the purpose, audience and context of the communication
  • Use strategies to engage with meaning and organisation in communication
  • Show a critical awareness of language use in oral texts
  • Use and respond to aesthetic, emotive, cultural and social aspects of oral texts