This is a 3 day accredited skills programme.

Training either takes place at the client site, or at the venue for our public programmes in Jet Park, Boskburg (Gauteng).

Course Description

Number of credits: 10

Duration: 3 Days

Unit Standards

  • 119472 (Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication)
  • 119465 (Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts)

Learners who attend this course will be taught how to become more aware of their audiences and purposes for communication. They will gain the skills required to adapt their style and language register to the requirements of different situations. They will also be equipped with the skills listen and speak confidently in both formal and familiar settings. Through this programme, they will learn how to select text type, subject matter and language to suit specific audiences, purposes and contexts. They will also learn how to use language appropriate to the socio-cultural, learning or workplace/technical environment as required.

The programme content is set around the following outcomes:

  • Interact successfully in oral communication
  • Use strategies that capture and retain the interest of an audience
  • Identify and respond to manipulative use of language
  • Write/sign for a specified audience and purpose
  • Use language structures and features to produce coherent and cohesive texts for a wide range of contexts
  • Draft own writing/signing and edit to improve clarity and correctness