This is a 2 day accredited skills programme.

Training either takes place at the client site, or at the venue for our public programmes in Jet Park, Boskburg (Gauteng).

Course Description

Number of credits: 12

Duration: 2 Days

Unit Standards:

  • 252037 (Build teams to achieve goals and objectives )
  • 252043 (Manage a diverse work force to add value)

This programme will enable the learner to build a team that will help towards achieving goals and objectives, and to understand diversity in the workplace.

The programme content is set around the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and insight into the theory of teams and the importance of teams in workplace activities
  • Apply the theory of teams to team dynamics
  • Explain the process of building teams
  • Analyse the role of team leader in promoting team effectiveness
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a team and propose ways to improve team effectiveness
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of diversity in the workplace
  • Demonstrate understanding of the reality of diversity and its value in a unit
  • Manage team members taking into account similarities and differences
  • Dealing with disagreements and conflicts arising from diversity in a unit