Course Description

Number of credits: 140

SAQA ID: 61595

The NQF level 4 Business Administration Services qualification will provide the learner with knowledge and skills in the Management of records, comprehension of written and verbal texts, business writing, problem solving, ethics, cultural awareness, self-management and self- development, project teamwork and business policies and procedures.  Learners will be able to specialise in areas of administration such as reception, executive administration, financial literacy, relationship management, legal knowledge, communication, project administration and support, call centre administration and human resources.

The programme content is set around the following outcomes:

  • Gain knowledge of the procedures for stock and fixed asset control
  • Develop Administrative systems together with other employees
  • Improve organisational effectiveness
  • Present information that is routinely and regularly required, as well as specific information that is requested from time-to-time
  • Identify information sources so as to be able to quickly access information when it is required
  • Liaise with clients (internal and external) to verify that the format used for reports serves the purpose
  • Make amendments to report format and writing style, if necessary
  • Manage service providers
  • Be an effective employee in the Administrative section of an organisation
  • Be aware of how fraud can be present in an office environment, and assisting in its control
  • Identify and solve work related problems together with others
  • Apply efficient time management processes, procedures and techniques

Admission Requirements

NQF level 3 (English, Mathematical Literacy & Computer Literacy)

Delivery Methodology

Contact or online learning